Thursday, December 11, 2008

His name is.........

Jonathan McGee Copeland. I cannot post pictures of Jonathan until all work is done. I had a wonderful time in Vladivostok, Russia via New York and Seoul, Korea. I was able to visit J. on 4 different days--4 hours a day until the last day when I was only able to spend an hour. This process is so different from the journey with Will, but then aren't all "pregnancies" different? I'll post more details about Jonathan after we return home, which will probably be sometime in February. He is a cutie, who is very little. He certainly needs to get home quickly in order to experience nurturing, love, and good nutrition. I do wish that I could return much sooner.

I returned home on Sat morning after about 30 hours of flying and layovers. I was so thrilled to be greeted by Will who was genuinely excited about seeing me again. He was very good for Ashley, who watched him in my absence. I think that they both had a good time.

I returned in time for finals and have been busy finishing grades and other end of semester details, of which there are many. I'm battling jetlag and a messed up lower back. I guess the long flight did an interesting thing---while I had twinges of back pain, I thought that my back was just tight from sitting for so long. Monday, while I was at work, I stood up quickly and searing pain shot across my lower back. I ended up visiting a chiropractor on Monday and will visit him again tomorrow. In the mean time, I'm struggling to sleep at night and have a hard time moving during the day. Will keeps praying for me at random times, which brings joy to my heart.