Monday, August 25, 2008


Yeah!!! My apostilled birth certificates arrived today and were overnighted to EAC. The complete dossier will be on its way to Russia! So, now we wait--knowing (believing) that the child who is to join our family is already born. Will and I have been praying for this child for almost a year, although I did not pray with Will as frequently during the Ukrainian wait.

We went to a EAC picnic at the Cole Ranch in Williamburg, Ohio on Saturday. We enjoyed ourselves. I had the opportunity to visit with Tricia, who heads the Russian referral department. So we wait and continue in prayer.

I received a booklet from Shaohannah's Hope a few weeks ago. (We've yet to hear about a grant) The booklet has some devotionals as well as thoughts of other adoptive parents. I was quite struck with the one comment about continuing to LIVE while you wait. I was struck by that because I've been so guilty of not doing that at times this summer. While Will and I had some fun times, I realize that I tended to be anxious.

On another note, classes began today. The first days are always interesting....Will and I went to the farmer's market after school and bought a huge zucchini. We then made zucchini bread. Yummy! Will was quite proud of himself.

If you're reading this blog, please continue in prayer for this adoption process and for the child who will join our family. Thank you for those prayers.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Frustration, Anxiety, Peace????

Summer is truly coming to an end. I started back to work full time last Monday and have lots of odds and ends to complete.

Since my last post, we attended our denomination's international conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan. My parents arrived in PA a couple days before the conference began and drove over with us. They also returned with us and stayed for almost a week. Will LOVED the conference. He loved staying in the dorm and taking a shower. He also was thrilled to run around. I was happy that he ad learned PS 84B before the conference. He was so excited as the conference opened and 1600+ people lifted their voices to sing Ps 84. He quickly turned to me and with the biggest smile said "Mommy, they are singing my advancing song." He then turned and joined in with a loud voice--Advancing still from strength to strength.

As for the adoption front, I returned home with no birth certificates. I waited until Monday, Aug 3. My dad was able to go to the county office in Fresno and pick up two certified copies and Megan overnighted them to Sacramento to be apostilled. I'm still waiting on the apostilled birth certificates (as well as the original two I ordered). At least, once the Sacramento office apostilles the certificates, I should at least get them sooner. This waiting is frustrating--if I had only paid attention to the certification dates, I could have taken care of this while I was in CA. This just adds to the anxiety of waiting for a referral. I struggle with feeling peace although I pray to have peace. Certainly, this adoption feels like a trial of faith and trust--one which I want to completely give to God but can only pray for the Spirit to help in my weakness.