Monday, April 21, 2008

Pass the torch...

An excerpt from the Geneva website about the torch relay:

"Geneva’s 160th anniversary celebration was one which the Geneva community far and wide will remember for a long time. At the center of the anniversary celebration was a torch with a flame that traveled from Ohio to Pennsylvania in a symbolic journey of the college.

On Saturday, April 19 at 11:30 a.m. a spark was kindled at the landmark stone in Northwood, Ohio, where the college began 160 years ago."

Will and I were 2 of the participants--I really enjoyed the time that we spent celebrating with so many people. Will though really enjoyed the bus ride to our spot and eating the pizza when we returned to Geneva.


The Hitchcocks said...

Hi Gayle! I found your blog through a comment you left on Anne Shaw's blog. It's great to see pictures of you and Will, and hear what you're up to these days. We've got a blog too, at We're in Scotland for the year while Nathan does his first year of Ph.D. work. Then we'll go back to South Dakota, and he'll finish there.
Christina (Stegall) Hitchcock

The Hitchcocks said...

Hi Gayle,

Yes, I saw all the great pictures of Will and read your adoption story at the beginning of the blog. Wow! It sounds wonderful. I thought your stofy of Will hearing from God was so sweet and wonderful. And now it sounds like you're working on a second adoption, right?

Nathan is working on his Ph.D. in theology, so very similar to the one I did, but at the Univ. of Edinburgh instead of Aberdeen. We are having a great time, but also looking forward to being home. Although the one difficulty of being home is that I won't be on sabbatical anymore and so won't be able to spend all day with Z (who's full name is Lazarus, by the way). But, fortunately, both Nathan and I will have flexible schedules so we should be able to keep it covered. Does Will go to daycare while you're at work? Does that work well for you?