Friday, May 2, 2008

And a miracle will come?

I received another email from my American facilitator--He stated that unless a miracle occurs, the door for adopting from Ukraine has closed for me. Sadly, because the law specifically is directed at single people, I wonder about the "equity" for single people. Of course, that sends me in a lot of different directions that are probably not healthy for me. I confess that I feel at peace with the status of the Ukraine adoption--peace because I am confident that God answered my prayer. However, I grieve because I still think that God has a brother for Will. I'm saddened when Will speaks of what he will do when his brother comes. He consistently says that God is still making his brother. I have yet to hear from the "last" agency regarding any option for me in Russia--but that door is apparently closed.

On another note, my brother in law's mom passed away on thursday. The timing was unexpected. I've thought again about the distance between us and my family in CA--when will we face this situation? My brother in law, living in CA, was told that his mom (in Ohio) still had "time" and he and my sister had planned to go to Ohio on May 12. His sister called on Wed night to tell him that the end was near--before he could even make arrangements, she was gone. Our lives truly are like a vapor...what does the Psalmist say?

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