Wednesday, June 18, 2008

We're back..........

We arrived from CA early this morning--1 am. I finally got to sleep sometime after 3:30. We had a great and extremely busy time in CA. My niece graduated high school--I attended my college room mate's wedding in southern CA (Beth Carlson to Craig White)--I also attended my cousin Amy's wedding--celebrated Will's 4th birthday--went to Disneyland with my parents and my niece Chloe, who is a couple months younger than Will--visited with my siblings including Robert, who is progressing slowly from a traumatic brain injury.

I am in the midst of finalizing the last of the documents that I need to apostille in order to have my dossier submitted in Russia. While we were gone, my apostilled birth certificates arrived as did an amended immigration approval. We're getting close to the wait period. After I finish the paper work, I need to figure out the money situation. For those of you following this journey, please pause and pray for the child that God is preparing for us as well as for the resources that we need. Thank you. I was thrilled to go to the annual Memorial Day EAC adoption picnic at the Cleveland Zoo--it was cool to walk in the parade of nations with others from Yaroslavl, Russia, the city where I first met Will.

I really enjoyed seeing Disneyland through the eyes of a child. I always enjoy Disneyland, but was thrilled to see Will's reaction to Mickey Mouse, Mark Twain's steamboat, flying Dumbo and the storybook canal ride.


Ron&Kathy said...

Hi Gayle,

How wonderful to follow your adventures on this blog. Christina found it and put me in touch. Will is a blessed boy to have you...and I'm sure it's the other way around also.

Are you going to Calvin?
Love ya as always, Kathy

gayle said...

Thanks for commenting here--I don't have your email address so I'm responding here.

We'll be at Calvin and you can finally meet Will--Let's catch up. I saw that you and Ron were in Scotland visiting Christina--- How wonderful!

See you soon!



Kathy & Matt said...

You left a comment inquiring about fund raising. We didn't do it, but another family that adopted shortly before us was very successful at it. You may want to contact them at
Steve and Melissa adopted 3 boys last December and I know they've shared how they raised funds with others. I'm sure they've share the same tips with you.

Best of luck!