Monday, July 7, 2008


As the title of this blog suggests, this is my journey to family. While we are busily enjoying a lot of different activities, I am consistently praying about this current Russian adoption, the child who will join our family, and the resources needed. I visited with my bank loan officer and I believe that I can work out a home equity loan. I'm a little anxious because I no longer have the large equity that I had in our previous home. I will be taking the needed papers in to the bank tomorrow and will wait. If you're reading this, please pray specifically for the successful outcome of this loan. I'm also applying for two adoption grants--we'll see. FAITH.

Last Wednesday, Will and I had a great time at the Pittsburgh Zoo. He particularly loves the aquarium and polar bears. We came home to find that my apostilled documents from the state had arrived. I quickly called EAC to tell them that I would be forwarding my completed dossier to them. THEN.....I checked all of the documents and there was one mistake. The wrong notary's name had been placed on one of the copies of my deed. It's easy to ask God what He is trying to say with another delay. I quickly sent it back and hope to receive it soon. FAITH

Will and I have been enjoying the simple things of walking, playground, riding on a scooter, building Lincoln Log forts, and chatting. The boy LOVES to talk! I'm glad that my parents will be visiting here a couple days before we all head to the international church conference in Michigan. They will return with us and visit for about a week. Will will continue to be on cloud nine when his grandparents are here. I think that the visit will also be very good for mom and dad. They certainly need a change of scenery!


Stefanie said...

Hi Gayle, Any way you slice it, an Adoption is total FAITH. There are so many unknowns, uncertainties and questioning along the road. Put stock in the fact that orphans are God's children, He is their protector and provider. He has the perfect plan of a child in place for you and Will. He is working on your behalf, all we have to do is have faith (which isn't always easy, believe me!)

Anne said...

Praying here, coz! That boy is so doggone cute! :) The kids recently made me watch Cars - very funny movie.
So...for our dinner, I'm thinkin' something on the grill... ;)