Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Please pray

This post will be brief and without pictures. Please pray that I will hear of the dates that I am to travel back to Russia to finalize Jonathan's adoption. Initially, I was told that I would return around the first of February. I have yet to hear and I confess I am growing weary and anxious. In chapel this morning, we sang from Psalm 139--As we began the third stanza, "Your works, how wonderful to me; You knew my frame when none could see In secret like the depths of earth you wove me long before my birth."--I began to cry as I think about Jonathan and God's hand on him. The next stanza--"My unformed substance You did see; The days that were ordained for me Were written in Your book, each one, Before the first day had begun." Words of hope and comfort for each of us but also a tender reminder of a question that Will asked me a couple of days ago--"Mommy, is Jonathan's name written in the lamb book?" We pray about Jonathan daily and that God would protect him and that God would be gracious to Jonathan and that his name is written in the Lamb's book of life. Amazing to me that Will remembers those words of our prayers and how mindful I am that God has ordained all of Jonathan's days, including those that will begin here, long before he was born. Please pray for us.


Alaina said...

Praying you hear soon. I know the waiting is so difficult.

Meliss said...

I'm sorry. It is difficult to wait. Praying here. It is wonderful how you and Will are already touching Jonathan's life by praying for him.