Monday, September 20, 2010

yes we're adopting again........

I finally "gave in" to Will's deep longing for a puppy---It has been a long process, but came to this "end" when a colleague advertised that she had a small puppy to sell. I agonized and finally decided that maybe a small dog in western PA would work---you know, the snow and rain of most of the year----if, we got a small dog in the fall when we appear to have more sunshine. So, we found a puppy-3/4 cavalier and 1/4 shitzsu about 9 weeks old about an hour and a half drive north of us. I chose to keep the purchase of a puppy from Will, although I told Jonathan all about it!! He kept a GREAT secret. When we arrived at the breeder's house, I asked Will if he wold like to take "this puppy" home--his reply, complete with HUGE EYES AND and even larger smile, was: "We can take him home and keep him??? You are getting me a puppy? I love you mommy" So, we're home with Milo--Will is learning some responsibility and Jonathan is continuing to learn restraint.

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