Thursday, January 10, 2008

Thursday already???

Well--it seems as if we've had a long week. Will wore his new "Christmas" suit to church--Mom was right--He looked quite handsome! (Will wore the suit for the cousins Christmas picture while I was at Kentfield Hospital) I enjoyed seeing everyone again. Of course, so many people asked about Robert and continue to pray for him and our family. After church, Will, Evie Hemphill and I went to Mrs. Hemphill's apartment at the RP Home in Pittsburgh. It was good to visit her and see her new digs!

Monday--we did the oil change thing with the coupon from the dealership! Will was fascinated with all the cars. It took over an hour, but Will was in great spirits. The weather was so warm--almost 70-so, we went for a walk and then played at the playground.

The tree and all the decorations came down on Tuesday. I had expected Will to be upset because he had repeatedly stated that the tree should always stay when I mentioned taking ti down. Perhaps the trick was to get his help! We also did a Costco run. Evie came for dinner and as we finished, Ryan stopped by. Will practically bounced off the wall to see him. They both left around 8 and I had a longer time getting Will ready to go to sleep!

Wednesday was the the BIG SHOCK DAY!!! Will had to go school for 8 and half hours and I went back to work. While I got a bit done, I had a leadership team meeting all afternoon!

So, here we are today! Back at work----I have almost finished my syllabi, but my computer at work went bonkers!!!!! I hope to finish the syllabi tomorrow! After picking up Will, we headed to the bank, where I withdrew a little money as I try to save up the cash that I will need to take to Ukraine. We then headed to WalMart where I found a children's table and 2 chairs on clearance! Will is thrilled. He finds that it is a great place to do his puzzles! Speaking of which--Will seems to have taken to puzzles. I'll have to keep my eye out for puzzle sales!

I have been reading a lot of Ukrainian adoption blogs. I'm feeling a bit anxious--will we have a healthy younger brother for Will? How long will I be in the Ukraine? When will I go? I so want to fall on my knees and truly feel as if I've handed my anxiety over to His grace. But, sadly I hear my old nature rattling around with fear to fully hand the adoption over to God. Fearful because of wondering if the learning I need will involve going through struggles. In ways, I suspect that I internally understand Paul's view of what i want to do I don't do, etc. Dear Lord----be with the child that you are preparing for our family!

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