Saturday, January 5, 2008

January 2008

Wow! I haven't posted since November-hard to believe! Perhaps one resolution for the new year is to be faithful in writing in this blog. We arrived home from CA on thursday evening. Lynda Szabo picked us up at the airport. This flight was much smoother than the flight days out to CA. We left for CA on Dec 20 and arrived on the 21st. We had to spend the night in Denver because our flight to LA hadn't arrived and by the time we were scheduled to arrive in LA, we would have not made a flight into Fresno. Regardless, we left the airport @ 10 pm and arrived at the Marriot at 10:30 pm, courtesy of United airlines. Will LOVED spending the night in a hotel. We had tried to fly standby on a direct flight to Fresno, but only one spot was available. The women at the desk took pity on a mom and three year old and so we stayed at the Marriot. I had no brush, but did have makeup in my carry on. Will slept well until 5 am--I dosed a bit through the night! We left for the airport at 6 and eventually arrived in Fresno at 1 pm on Friday, the 21st. I'm thankful that Will is a great traveler--he was excited the whole time.

I'll write more about our Christmas in CA later. For now, I'm excited that the final piece of documentation that I needed for the adoption came early this week. I was waiting on a notarized state police clearance. I overnighted the CIS approval (notarized of course) and the state police clearance to Dave Daulton yesterday. The next step is to have the entire dossier apostilled, translated, and sent to Kiev. I continue in prayer for the child that God has picked out for our family.

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