Friday, September 26, 2008


We've had an interesting week. I attended meetings with the PA dept of Ed in Clarion on Monday and Tuesday. I actually learned quite a bit there that I believe will be helpful to our department as we make substantial overhaul of our certification programs. Lynda picked up Will from daycare and he had a great time heading to the Farmer's market with her. I was able to pick him up on Tuesday, which confused Will because he thought that Lynda was picking him up. The drive to Clarion was nice--about an hour and a half north east of here. It was sunny and the leaves are starting to change. Nice!

We've heard nothing about a referral although we are scheduled for a medical evaluation with Children's Research Triangle when one arrives. This is the same organization I used when adopting Will. Some days and weeks seem more difficult for me to truly wait on the Lord for this referral. I have followed many adoption blogs over the past year--I'm truly happy for those who have adopted or who are in country. However, some times I come across a blog where the family started after I did (Ukraine), chose not to adopt internationally, and now are the parents of an adopted new born. I am so tempted to keep asking God why? In these situations, people refer to God answering their prayers. I know that God is answering my prayers even now, but it is hard when the answer (at present) isn't what I want to hear. I am so reminded of my sinful nature as I hear myself telling Will that he cannot always get what he wants just because he asks nicely. How much do I continue to need to learn as a child of the King?

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