Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The past couple of days have been challenging for me as I struggle with patience and peace in this adoption process. Yesterday, I received a letter from Shaohannah's Hope, an organization established by Steven Curtis Chapman to help adoptive parents with financial grants. The letter informed me that I did not receive a grant. I am disappointed. While I didn't really expect to receive a grant, I still had hope that just maybe....... I have another grant application in the "hopper" and have yet to hear any word. I am still convinced that my deepest convictions about God must determine how I pray. Yet, like the Psalmist, my soul feels downcast. Pray for this child who yet lives in Russia and pray for me.

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Meliss said...

I just prayed for you, Gayle! I'm glad to have your blog in my sidebar to remind me to pray for you.