Monday, February 9, 2009

getting ready.....

My departure date is set--Feb 16. I will arrive on Wed, Feb 18. The plan, as I understand it at the moment, is that I will visit Jonathan on Thursday and go to court on Fri, the 20th. I'm sure that I will have other things to do in addition, but.... I also anticipate actually being given custody of Jonathan on Friday after court. We will have to follow much protocol after court, which I am yet to know about, and will be leaving on Mar 9.

I have finished all the paper work that I need before leaving although I expect to receive my visa on Wed or Thursday.

I have a lot to do at work to prepare for my departure as well as the normal work that is due for this week. It does seem that extra work has come my way this week in the "normal" course of this week that I didn't expect. I'm not worried that it will get done--the week is just extra hectic.

Will is very excited about Jonathan's arrival--Since he requested prayer last Sunday evening--He asked that God would bring his brother home quickly.-- So, of course, he has consistently said that we know when Jonathan is coming home because he asked God--He then quickly says that he has to thank God--and he does. I'm so touched with that attitude.

The snow is melting as we've had a couple of days in the 40s. We've had to be creative with inside activities--see the picture of Chef William--as well as the frozen tundra choice.

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