Friday, November 23, 2007


We had a nice day at Bob and Louise Copeland's home. We went to Thanksgiving service at the Eastvale RP Church. I thought that it was sparsely attended--it was ok. I'm mindful of the need to be at church when services are held and am a bit amazed at those who don't attend. Lest I become too Pharisaical, I'll stop. Ash and Ryan attended... Jim, Sandy, and Clark Copeland were at Bob's for dinner. I thought that my turkey and dressings came out fine! Will was in good entertaining spirits. We came home @ 5 pm-- Will and I were able to relax.

A real highlight for me was being able to talk to Robert on the phone. His voice was fairly strong and he seemed pretty coherent! I am so thankful that he is healing and I continue to pray that God will heal him wholly!

It snowed over night--not a lot, but enough to cover the ground. Will had to go and play in the snow. So, I bundled him up before breakfast and he had a great time! Today, Will and I set up the Christmas tree. He was so excited! I still have the rest of the decorating to do......Will is certainly getting into Christmas this year as he points out all the different things he wants.

Scott arrived this afternoon! It's good to see him. I haven't seen him since last Christmas!

I sent the Ukrainian dossier to Dave Daulton today. As soon as the Immigration approval comes, the entire dossier will be complete. This experience seems so different. I'm not sure if it feels this way because I'm already a mom or if I'm preoccupied with Robert's situation. I do pray for this child as well--and look forward to seeing how Will and that child will get along.

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