Tuesday, November 27, 2007

off to work we go....

We returned to some degree of normalcy yesterday with me heading to work and Will heading to school. I confess it was hard to get back into the swing of things.

I heard from Dave Daulton yesterday (He is the lawyer with whom I'm working on the Ukrainian adoption) He received my dossier--Unfortunately, I had to resubmit another petition for a background check from the state police because my clearance didn't have a notarized signature. I confess that I was really bothered and bummed because it takes so long to get the background check returned. In my rationalized frame of mind, I also wondered why Dave hadn't mentioned it before when I sent him a scanned copy weeks ago. In my more clear mind, I realize that he has a lot to keep track of so I have no reason to be frustrated with him. He is a good guy who is genuinely helping me. I just pray that the clearance comes quickly as well as the Immigration approval. I'd love to have all of that sent to Dave before I head to CA on the 20th.

Will is SO excited about Christmas this year. I love watching him ring the bells and take the ornaments off the tree only to replace them in a different place. He is so eager to have presents under the tree. I love seeing the joy of Christmas through his eyes.

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