Friday, February 15, 2008

Yes-It was valentine's day...

And where does the time go??? I've been enjoying having my sister and brother in law here since last Friday evening! Bus had a meeting here in Beaver Falls on Saturday, Feb. 9. Cheryl and Bus traveled here from CA with a mom, her daughter, and another girl from the Fresno RP congregation , who were interested in looking at the college. They left early on Tuesday morning and Cheryl and Bus are here until early Sunday morning. Cheryl and Bus have been playing and watching Will throughout the week, which has provided Will with all kinds of fun attention. All the Californians have endured the extreme cold of last weekend and the snow as well with good spirit! Will enjoyed "playing" guitar hero with Ash and Ryan's Wii. Looks like he has the moves!!!

Will and I went "sledding" for the first time on Tuesday late afternoon. The college was closed at 3 pm and we took advantage of "free" time to use the saucer sled. I wasn't sure if Will would enjoy sledding, but he certainly seemed to.

Because of added traffic at the house this week, Will has been very aware of Valentine's Day! I came home from work on Wednesday (the 13th) and he greeted me with a huge Valentine balloon. As soon as I walked through the door, he ran up to me saying "Happy Balentine's Day! Mommy, you are my Balentine! Do you love it?" Of course, I responded by giving Will a big hug and kiss assuring him that he is my valentine and that I love the balloon. He quickly ran to Uncle Bus and said "See I told you my mommy would tell me she loves it"

Will was thrilled with the candy and cards from Uncle Bus, Auntie, Megan and Paul, Grandpa and Grandma, and mommy. He also received a little bee that, when pressed, says You're my little love bug! He had to sleep with that bug last night. Will gave me a card he made and some candy (courtesy of Auntie!). I continue to learn about how to joy in giving as I live through Will's eyes! He is so happy and excited to give gifts!

As for news on the adoption front.....we're still in a holding pattern. I haven't heard anything from Dave Daulton since Feb 4. The next step is for my dossier to be submitted to the SDA in Kiev. I confess that it is difficult to wait----but, then my mind drifts to the numerous Psalms that use some aspect of the phrase---"Wait on the Lord"--I recognize that God has the whole timing and results in His hands, yet in my frailty, I can't help but cry out to the Lord to bring this adoption about with the "right" child.

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